About Us

FLUX is the User Experience (UX) Design club at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Our events range from interdisciplinary design and development collaborations such as SCAD StartUp, to hosting employer lectures and workshops from companies such as Google, Amazon, Cerner, and more. We provide educational workshops to our members to boost their portfolio pieces, become familiar with current design software, and prepare for upcoming internship / full time opportunities. Our members include students from a large variety of majors outside of UX Design, such as Motion Media, Graphic Design, Immersive Reality, Industrial Design, and Interactive Design and Game Development. We currently have over 100 members, a team of 10 officers, and SCAD UXDG Chair, Byeong Cheol (BC) Hwang, our faculty adviser.

We're always looking for new people and companies to collaborate with us, so drop us a line at and lets make something happen!